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Yes, as predicted Melo appears to have crashed again. I'm new to this community. I'm lemming_pudding here on lj, and I'm lemming_pudding on Melo as well.

I've been using lj for a while. In fact I had been neglecting my paid lj account because I was enjoying the new Melo so much. Sadly, Melo has betrayed me and I have returned to lj land.
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it's betrayed all of us, hon. i took forever and a day to re-vamp my melo and it's gone again. bah.

hi there. i'm thelolitaflower on melo. nice to meet ya.
I was just at the pink wall a bit ago and apparently it'll be back up late tonight. We'll see.
At least I know it's not just me MELO crashed on =) I think I've been to your site before, because you're name seems familiar. I'm twistedshinya on melo.